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How To Use Social Media Ambassador Program to Support Your Nonprofit’s Online Fundraising Campaigns

In a hyper-connected world, it is getting more and more difficult to capture social media followers on organizational branded accounts, but it is even harder to ensure they're the people you actually want to reach.
Your organization needs to tap into as many unique networks as possible that consist of people who match your target audience.

Nonprofits have begun to harness the power of social media ambassadors for their fundraising campaigns to build excitement and spread the word. Ambassadors can help raise awareness, donations, and digital relationships. Unlocking the power of social media ambassadors who can activate their networks is essential for success
There are different types of social media ambassadors. They can be “insiders,” such as staff, board, interns, and volunteers; or they can be “outsiders,” such as donors, influencers, or everyday people who engage with your organization on Facebook or other social media channels.

This workshop will help:

  • Why it is important to engage social media ambassadors inside and outside your organization
  • How to create a strategy that will boost your fundraising results
  • Tactics and tips for being efficient.




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