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If you're interested in learning more about how to do screencasting, please visit my screencasting primer wiki or read the article over at

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Screencast of the Week from TechSmith
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Google Analytics

Google Analytics Screencast, sponsored by NTEN

"If for some crazy reason you don’t know who Beth is, you owe it to yourself to check out her amazing blog, where you’ll find not only some of the best screencasting on the planet, but also a great resource for anyone looking to put social media to use in the non-profit sector (and beyond)." Michael Pick

"Beth did an amazing job on this! A really engaging mixture of conventional presentation style, documentary, and instructional
screencast elements." - Jon Udell

"It is wonderful. The thing like I loved about this screencast is that it is real, it is true UCG and has a human touch to it. I am sure people will learn a lot from it and be able start using the data for their websites." - Avinash Kaushik

You will get answers to all these and more in Beth Kanter's excellent video tutorial on web analytics software with main focus on Google Analytics. Other than learning about Analytics, this video gives you an idea about the usefulness of screencasts if they are properly scripted and produced right. - Amit Agarwal , Digital Inspiration

Beth created this great video of Google Analytics for your non-profit (and any other orginzation) she shows how to determine some of the most basic uses of the tool, and makes it easy and useful for anyone who wants to understand how users are using your site. Web Strategy by Jeremiah

If Google Analytics makes you go "huh?", blogger Beth Kanter screencasts a primer! - Lifehacker

Creative Commons

What a Second Grader Knows About Creative Commons (mentioned on the jing project blog)


How to Find and Use Great Photos for Your Presentations: Walks you through creative ways to search on flickr and selects photos licensed under creative commons licenses.

How To Share A Powerpoint Presentation In Flickr: This screencast walks you through how to export your powerpoint as a jpgs, upload the flickr, and create a flash slide show to share on your blog or web site.

The Beth 5.0 Photo Card Flickr Contest: And the winner is ..

Happy Birthday Screencasting!

A Screencast: Honoring the Third Anniversary of Screencasting (selected as Screencast of the Week)


John Kenyon on the potential value of video blogging for nonprofits: John Kenyon shares his thoughts in a pub in the UK

Should We Put Down Our Cameras and Have A Conversation: How to integrate face-to-face conversation into your videoblogging technique.

YouTube Video Conversation Game: An Interview with Alan Levine: This is an exploration of the interactive or conversation aspects of YouTube. I also demonstrate how to search for good videos on YouTube.

An interview with artist Faith Ringgold and Donald Marinelli on Web2.0 Parenting Advice as part of some liveblogging from the Technology and the Arts Conference in 2006.

An interview with Susan Seggerman about Games for Change from Beyond Broadcast Conference

An interview with David Tames about the key points from the Beyond YouTube Working Group at Beyond Broadcast Conference

An interview with Analee Newitz about the revenge of the female nerds.


Using Skype With A Video Camera: It is really easy! You probably don't need a screencast, but I ended up doing an interview with Teresa Crawford on how and why this is useful for nonprofit techies who work internationally.

Social Source Commons - Remote Beta Testing

An example of remote beta testing


My Screencast on Tagging, sponsored by NTEN and awarded Screencast of the Week from TechSmith

An Interview With Steve Cliff about Community Tagging Projects: Steve Cliff shares the secrets to successful community tagging projects via YouTube.


Useful or Waste of Time: The text is more informative than the video. The video was primarily for documentation.

Video Blogging - Techniques

Common Video Shooting Mistakes As Told Me By Robert Scoble at Blogher: Robert Scoble gave me a lesson at blogher after the vlogging workshop and I turned it into an instructional video.

Advice from Jonny Goldstein on Video Shooting Techniques: Jonny's excellent advice for shooting interviews in an efficient way.

How Steve Garfield Does Moment Capturing: I was totally inspired after attending Garfield's session at podcamp that I did a moment capture at podcamp.

Advice from Nick Booth on Shooting Interviews In More Than One Take: Very useful if you want to do more than one-clip interviews.

Boston MediaMakers: Do Production Values Matter?: A discussion about which production values contribute to quality work.

Muvee: Will This Video Editing Software Also Do My Laundry: Muvee will automatically edit your photos, live video, and music in a music video. Fun to play with and saves time, although only useful for those who want to make music videos.


My Widget Screencast - sponsored by NTEN

"It comes with a resource sheet with lots of links as well, so this is really one of the most practical KM-related tutorials I’ve seen in a long time. Beth’s post also happens to be an excellent example of simple, straightforward and very powerful elearning design. It’s informal, direct, and well supported by links and other places to go to follow up. A great example of a craftswoman making her craft visible." Green Chameleon

"A practical overview" - elearningspace

How To Use Odeo Voice Widget

Leng Sopharath Fundraising Campaign Video

How To Use the Chipin Widget (for full case study see WidgetFundraising)

My Machinima (for giggles)**

1. Improving TechSoup SL data collection
2. I'm a Pianist in Second Life