Santa Barbara Workshop
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December 5th
Becoming A Networked Nonprofit From the Inside Out: Strategy, Measurement, and Tips for Success

What are the principles for nonprofits that want to integrate social media effectively to reach their program or communication objectives? If you are already using social media, how can you take your practice to the next level? How do you start to understand if it is making a difference? If you are just getting started, how do you encourage a change in organizational culture to make your practice succeed?
In this interactive workshop, author and social media expert, Beth Kanter, will cover internal adoption issues, networked strategies, integrated digital strategy, and measurement as well as practical steps for being a successful networked nonprofit. The workshop program is based on Beth’s two books: ‘The Networked Nonprofit’ and ‘Measuring the Networked Nonprofit’.

Learning objectives:

  • To apply the initial steps for facilitating needed organizational culture change in order to adopt social media and networked strategies effectively
  • To understand the basic principles for leveraging networks and integration of social media into your not-for-profit’s communications strategy
  • To learn effective practices of measurement, sense-making, learning and mindfulness required to implement an integrated social media strategy that achieves results

Welcome, Introduction, Icebreakers
Module 1: Understanding Networked Nonprofits
SMARTer Social Media: Strategy Development
Lunch – Book will be on sale
Module 3: Integrated Social Strategies
Module 3: Social Media Practice: Mindful and Efficient
Closing Reflection: Book Raffle

The Networked Nonprofit:
Measuring the Networked Nonprofit:

This is a list of resources that are in the slides and we discussed at the workshop. There's a lot of material here. So, please don't hesitate to ask me questions on Twitter about where to find a particular resource.
I'm @kanter.


Understanding Networked Nonprofits

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Networked Mindset
Becoming a Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter - SSIR Blog
Nonprofit CEOs and the Networked Mindset by Beth Kanter
Integrating A Network Mindset Into Your Daily Work by Beth Kanter
Curated List of Articles and Examples of Nonprofit Leaders Leading with Social Media by Beth Kanter
Collection of Infographics and Cheat Sheets for about Social Media and Leadership by Beth Kanter

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Social Media Guidelines and Policy
Does Your Nonprofit Have Social Media Guidelines for All Employees by Beth Kanter
Trust is Cheaper than Control by Beth Kanter
Employees As Champions
Beth's comprehensive collection of nonprofit social media policies, how-to tips, tools and advice
How To Get Board Members To Use Social Media for Your Nonprofit by Beth Kanter

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Network Mapping
Networked Mapping Techniques
How Nonprofits Visualize their Networks by Beth Kanter

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly Assessment
How To Take Baby Steps with Social Media
How Mature is Your Social Media Practice
Stanford Social Innovation Review Article

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SMARTer Social Media: Strategy Development

Social Media Is About Engagement with a Purpose

25 SMART Social Media Objectives

Here’s a summary of 25 SMART social media objectives from Leveraging Social Media project with arts organizations.

Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy

Integrated Social Media Campaigns

SMART Chart from Spitfire

A useful resource from Aspen Institute on developing SMART objectives. It says that SMART objectives can be tactical, revenue-oriented, and capacity (process or learning.)

Photo by Gary Young
Photo by Gary Young

Content Strategy

Editorial Calendar

Content and Measurement

Making Content Creation More Efficient

How To Easily Repurpose Your Content for Social Channels
Three Must-Have Productivity Tools for Creating Visual Content
The Idea Dashboard

Here's my Tumblr Blog with many examples of nonprofit spreadsheets for measurement and strategy


Strategic Facebook and Tune Up

Examples of Nonprofit Facebook Brand Pages

Twitter Tips

Strategic Twitter

Best Practices and Tips

LinkedIn Tips

Strategic LinkedIn

Cheat Sheets


Case Study: Unicef Pinboard
Pinterest Tips and Resources
Measuring Pinterest


7 Great Examples of Nonrpofits Using Vine and Instagram

Using Instagram for Nonprofit Marketing