Open Content for Nonprofits: A Learning Game

For Penguin Day 2007

From Creative Commons Comic Book (Remixed for cards)

Session Description

While there is much discussion about the promise of "Open Source" software, there is much promise and potential in creation and utilization of "Open Content" for nonprofit needs. The building blocks for Open Content are the Creative Commons licenses. This session will use an open content training game that was created by remixing Creative Commons licensed instructional materials. The game will offer an opportunity for participants to discuss their open content ideas, questions and challenges. We will also take a look at other open content projects benefitting the nonprofit sector.

I want to use some of the excellent materails over at the Creative Commons site that introduce the why and what of creative commons licenses. The game is a remix of David Wilcox's Social Media Game and Janet Hawtin's Commons and Copyright Publishing Game

Amit Asaravala, TechSoup - Presentation from NTC 07 Creative Commons Affinity Group

Purpose: To trigger conversations about what creative commons licenses may be appropriate in different situations, and further explore the issues that may be raised in the context of nonprofit adoption of cc licenses for open content projects.

  • Instructions (see below)
  • Pack of Cards
  • Scenarios: one-liners about an individual, group, organisation, network or other situation in which cc license and open content project may be used.
  • Print Handout - description of cc licenses

Play of the Game

1. Workshop participant split into small groups

2. Each group is given a one-line scenario. They spend a couple of minutes expanding on this, and the likely open content project.

3. Groups choose from a pack of cards to address scenario. Cards are different options in the following categories
Source Material
Publishing Projects
Commons and Copyright Licenses

4. Groups do not have to use all the cards, can modify or add cards

5. After choosing/adding cards to address the scenario, the group reflect on issues/queries on the cards chosen. What's going to be the big challenge?
If there's more time we usually go in to storytelling with a timeline at this stage - the group is asked develop the story of how people and groups use the tools in practice. Organisers to throw in crisis/opportunity cards to liven things up!

Next, we'd break into 3 small groups and each group would be given a pack of cards. The cards would include: creative commons license cards (source material and published material), publishing tools/platforms, and types of publishing content/projects. Each group would be asked to:
1. Brainstorm a context - ngo, goals, strategy, type of project
2. Pick tools, publishing license
3. Discuss issues/questions that come up
4. Bring everyone together for a report out.

Some feedback:
-have people be a license and argue with another license

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