Meet Up

At this Lean Content event, find out from the esteemed Beth Kanter the benefits behind content curation and how to apply the practice for your own organization's goals. Beth says, content curation is the process of sifting through information on the web and organizing, filtering and making sense of it and sharing the very best content with your network. Rather than another potential recipe for information overload, content curation can actually be a method to tackle this problem. With so much information coming at us from social networks, websites, emails, and other digital sources, we can no longer afford to just whine about it – content curation can empower us to win the battle over too much information.

In this session you’ll hear from expert Beth Kanter about how content curation helps builds staff expertise and reduces information overload.

Some takeaways:
•Three top benefits of content curation for nonprofits
•Understand the practice of good content curation
•Techniques for being efficient and staying focused

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Notes transcribed from sticky notes

Nonprofits and Content Curation

Unanticipated Benefits of Content Curation by Beth Kanter - article in NTEN journal, webinar, and slides

Content Curation for Nonprofits Primer by Beth Kanter

What Can Nonprofits Learn from Robin Good, the Best Content Curator on the Planet? by Beth Kanter

How Nonprofits Can Get Significant Value from Content Curation by Beth Kanter

Nonprofit Curators on Scoop.It by Beth Kanter

Content Curation for Nonprofits - Nonprofit Technology Conference 2013 - Roundup of Resources by Beth Kanter
Examples of Curation Techniques for NTC Session - Will Coley

Skills and Tools

Checklist of Content Curation Skills - Improve Your Practice by Beth Kanter

List-Making Tools and Techniques by Beth Kanter

How To Avoid Being Content Fried by Beth Kanter (Also see my curated list of conscious computing apps)

Content Curation: Focusing Lens or Fire Hose by Beth Kanter

How To Recognize Great Content Curators by Beth Kanter

Good Curation VS Bad Curation by Beth Kanter

Content Discovery Tools by Beth Kanter