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Welcome! This is my wiki portfolio where I archive all my presentations, articles, instructional resources, curriculum, resource sheets, lists of lists, screencasts, and videos in one place.

I have been an active user of SlideShare to showcase my work. Here's an article and infographic about that.

What people have said about this wiki portfolio ..

No one has done a better job of consistently putting up notes from conference talks than Beth Kanter, one of the most respected nonprofit tech consultants on the web. Kanter posts all of her notes here and makes sure everyone in the audiences of the many good talks she gives knows that URL. A particularly good example can be found in the page she set up for a recent talk about using social media for people in the arts. That one includes several examples of live video broadcast from the presentation using Qik. Beth has blogged extensively about best practices in using wikis, as well.
Marshall Kirkpatrick, Read/Write Web

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