Social Media Game: Social Media Club Hawaii

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My notes from the workshop
My reflections on what worked and what didn't
Tweeting the Sunset on Sunset Beach: I'm a social Media tourist

Here's the description of the Social Media Workshop

Summarize Your Strategy
Summarize Trade Offs/Choices

Group 1: Gourmet Food Business

  • Figure out who: purchase and spread the word - two groups - primary users who were least savvy at using Internet (inactives)
  • In order improve search results, would focus on the creators and critics
  • Matched the tools to the segments
  • Listening Tools: Google Alerts and Twitter - good way to hear what was going on with salsa, recipes, and other terms related to the product
  • Participate Tools: Provide recipes and contests where people could participate - prizes
  • Video and Audio: Viddler - video and audio - blogs - to tell their story
  • Staff person left - had to figure what would get cut out - used an analysis re: strengths - blogs/video

Just because you don't understand something don't cut it out

Group 2: Tourism Campaign

  • Almost like real life - make web site more social - add more social features
  • Set up a blog - wordpress - have great content already - need to make it easier for people to find the content and the people who want to share the islands -
  • Make it two way - both the tourists and the industry
  • Twitter - get the message out
  • Set up a social media listening dashboard w/google reader - Chris's new social media project - aggregated member blogs - check in and see. Read through each day - star the items of relevant posts and it comes out into its own feed and republished - all the food bloggers, golf bloggers and aggregate.
  • Resistance - "too expensive to get something done on the site" -
  • Takes a strategist to help you organize the content so it will have social functionality

You don't need to do it in the structure now - different ways - ignore the culture

Group 3: Internet Cafe

  • Hui - group in Hawaiian.
  • Changed the business model - we don't unplug during the vacation. It's a different set of people. Co-working movement - dedicated space in a regional location and let people work there.
  • Offered discounts to participants to do training sessions or blog about the program
  • Tools: Google Alerts for listening - Twitter participation, weighing options between blog versus Ning, FB Fan Page
  • Metrics: Offline - Revenue - growth of members, training sessions full. How often members return. Watch google alerts for satisfaction from members.
  • Hard choices: Which tools to use? Internal/external audiences. Which tools duplicate features.

Regardless if you are using social media tools - every geographic location has its own set of challenges. It seems like it can be easy - but there are challenges.
Social media consultants will bring up something about changing business model - really scary - work with what you have -- need agility to jump

Group 4: Surf Shop

  • Promote surf contest and sell more boards and get more rentals
  • Generate Buzz - find participants - find an audience watch -
  • Didn't have a big budget - get other people to share their message - would give content creaters and let them know they would be free media team. Free trip to Hawaii.
  • Spending time not money
  • Surf scwag - bikini contest - surf community- can't limit to Hawaii - audience is global
  • It would take 2-3 people to implement - invest 70 hours total per week - Line in the sand helped us focus. Traditional way of thinking if we're having an event - I need a year and an army of volunteers - with social media 6 months is great
  • Picking the Tools: Selected social networking and make media - blog - video versus podcast. Had 25 points at first - had to cut it down.
  • Social media overload - I don't know what that is - had to step back - let go of social networking - and had to focus on the audience.

Although you may be ready for social media, is your audience?
Getting the minus point - get the bad thing to see everything!