Community Media Workshop
Social Media Strategy: The Secret Sauce

Opening Questions

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Take Aways

  • Start with listening seeing if anything is being said and where the issues are being discussed
  • Middle/Executive managers - don't get approval for every sentence. Ask the person you are managing - prepare a short-list of items to twitter and this eased the senior management - freedom to do that
  • Ask interns to submit some ideas - speed is the issue - want it to be timely and fast - the interns don't always use common sense
  • Need to engage with other blogs who writing about what we're writing about - take the time to read the blogs and comment
  • Be a part of the blogging
  • Remember to measure and reflect - moving quickly from one thing to the next - we are learning as we go - reflection time and process what worked
  • Highlight internally some of the failures - not in an embarassing way - management understands that you need a strategy - not just go out there
  • Take a step back and ouline objectives and goals - where to get feet wet - adjust our objectives
  • Don't just use page views as solidarity
  • A teachable moment is a better F word!
  • The community will self-correct - fear - something bad - community will self-correct
  • Social networking - one aspect from one department to another - may not be marketing and fundraising or membership
  • Need to look at resources and stories from other resources
  • How do you balance expert with level playing fields?


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  • Twitter/Youtube Channel: Bigger Ear - hear more and better
  • Listen to RSS feeds - but not sure how to engage - need to find where the audience is
  • Haphazard listening - how to make it more wholistic
  • Using google alerts - more formal listening process
  • How to get started listening - attract a younger demographic
  • Spread out the listening - how to do it collectively - how to get a filtered version - How get different people to touch the elephant
  • Ongoing listening - beyond our brand but as a community focus group
  • How to listen business to business, policy makers and advocates -
  • Live active searches in Twitter - very helpful
  • Strategic listening - how you do focus on keywords - not necessarily your organization - and engage - how to look at them
  • Policy advocacy think tank - good listener in traditional models and how to listen de-limited way
  • Fair Weather listener - how to sustain listening
  • Who do I listen to first, how much time? We're a convener - listen to the policy makers