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Technology Wellness for Arts Organizations

Social media and working online doesn't have to be overwhelming; you can take back control. This workshop explores personal productivity techniques, including the use of attention training and visualization, to combat distraction. It will also cover conscious computing tools and apps that can help lengthen your attention span and replace information overload with a sense of mindfulness. The tips and tools, once you put them into practice, will help you achieve more in less time and ultimately increase your focus and wellbeing.

Based on the ideas in The Happy Healthy Nonprofit: Strategies for Impact without Burnout, internationally acclaimed trainer and author Beth Kanter will lead this fun, interactive workshop where you will learn:

  • To assess and reflect on how we use technology for work to recognize our own patterns of distraction and addiction and how to change them
  • To provide best practices and techniques for taming the digital jungle that assaults our brains every day via email, social media, and online
  • To identify ways to encourage technology wellness in our workplaces




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