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Awards and Recognition

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Awards and Recognition

Number 3: Twitter's Most Powerful Women by Twittergrader
Top Ten Memories of Gnomedex by Chris Pirillo
Beth Kanter Gets It by Shawn Admed
Number 4 on the 2010 SXSW Top Influencers List
Twenty Best Social Media and Marketing Blogs by Market like a Chick and on
Twenty Leading Women in Social Media by Media Style
Named one of BusinessWeek's Social Media Innovators - Stephen Baker
One of the World's First Social Networkers by BusinessWeek- Stephen Baker
The Most Influential Women in Technologyby Fast Company - Lynne D Johnson
Top 10 Speakers at NTEN's Nonprofit Technology Conference 2008
NTC People's Choice Award 2008 - Person In Nonprofit Tech Field Most Likely To Go For Advice
NTEN Prize 2007 - Most Valuable Person in NpTech Field
The 150 Top Social Media Blogs (I'm #44) by ecarin
100 Awesome Blogs By Women
50 Most Influential Women Bloggers (I'm 29)
What Makes Beth Kanter A Successful Social Networker by Dan Morrill, Techwag
Ten Pioneering Women of Web 2.0 by Allison Kapin, Huffington Post
Top 25 Social Good Blogs
Twitter Power 150

Beth's Blog in the Media and Blogosphere

Photo by El Studio
Photo by El Studio

Fast Company Blog: Leverage Your Twitter Network
Is Social Networking the Next Big Thing? AFP Blog and Convio
An Interview with David Cohn with comment here
An Interview with Alex Steed at the Make Something Happen Blog
An Interview with Shel Israel
An Interview with Jon Udell
An Interview with Alex Krotoski, Guardian Tech Weekly Podcas
Wall Street Journal Article
YouTube Interview
Global Voices Online: Social Media and Outreach: Nonprofits Are Key
Go Big Always, Ten Female Thought Leaders Bioled Down
CauseWired, Raising Money Online Takes Leadership
.ORG 2.0 Blog - An Interview
People Ask Me Why I Translate Beth Kanter by Chris Abraham

Blog Posts About Workshops, Key Notes, Etc

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Photo by Bob Black, from Making Media Connections Conference 2008
Review and notes by WiredPR Works
Stephen Blyth, Connecting Up Australia - Workshop

What People Are Saying About Beth Kanter

"It is impossible to describe Kanter accurately without wholly offending a large bloc of people, but here goes: Beth is God. There. We said it. Beth Kanter is God. Dare you you disagree? Have you ever seen this woman at a conference? Faced with her, you’re rendered awkward, graced, and feeling somewhat irrelevant by comparison of accomplishments. Back up a little bit and observe those around you; they’re all trying to figure out how to get involved in a conversation with her, how to somehow connect with her. In [the extremely approachable] Kanter’s 25+ years of involvement in web-based organization, she has seen it all and she graciously shares slivers of her brain on her blog every single day."

Alex Steed, Make Something Happen

"Additionally, bloggers involved with nonprofits and NGOs often face challenges similar to educators. One blog I follow regularly is Beth’s Blog, by nonprofit technology activist Beth Kanter. She’s always on the cutting edge when it comes to exploring the role of Web 2.0 tools in community-based organizations, particularly in contexts when resources and infrastructure are limited."

Andy Carvin, PBS Learning Now Blog

"Beth is still at the bleeding edge of technology, strategy, social media, online communities, online education, and online fund-raising — but with a unique focus on nonprofits, not-for-profit organizations, and other charity organizations. Organizations are generally left in the wake of the world of social media coaching and consulting for budgetary reasons so Beth is a godsend."

Chris Abraham

Hi Beth, first of all I have to apologize for my poor english, i'm italian :)
I read your blog and I find it always enlightening.
I work in as communication and fundraising consultant in the biggest italian non profit content company ( - something in english here: and in these last months I started to blog too. Thank you for your work: it's really precoius.

Fabio Lationo

Beth effectively works for nonprofits and blogs about how nonprofits can blog effectively. She is regarded as one of the most effective and most influential people with helping nonprofits leverage efforts online. She is absolutely worth reading.

Aaron Landry

"Your blog and portfolio items have made a tremendous difference in my work. I think I picked up before finding your blog, but, since discovering your blog in late March, I have:
-Uploaded 300+ (mostly) annotated images of Minnesota forests, several of which are linked from my (6 week old) website,
-Given blogging more serious consideration, and feel much more aware of what I'd be getting into
-Begun to be more intentional about reading and commenting on blogs, per your advice
-Set up a pageflakes feed reader, which I now consult regularly (and which includes a feed from your flickr tags)
-Set up a wikispaces page for collaborative concept development (actually, to allow a group to develop the forestry blog idea for/with me)
It's been a busy spring! You've really been a huge help. Thank you for taking the time to help us newbies along. I especially appreciate both the quality and the personal nature of your posts and learning tools."
-Eli Sagor, My Minnesota Woods

"Thanks for doing the work that you do! your blogging topics/resources/discussions have frequently helped me make the case, organizationally, for moving more intentionally into this realm."

Katherine Kinzer
Program Coordinator, YouthActionNet

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Photo by Ed Schipul

"I happened across a great post she did for BlogHer a couple months back, Ten Cool Examples of Nonprofits Using Flickr!, which aggregates enough superbly executed Flickr-based web initiatives to keep the brain of a web strategist percolating for months. From there I went to the stream of Flickr-tagged posts on Beth’s Blog, and voila, I was inspired to write this post. If you don’t find what you’re looking for described in copious detail, you’ll be pointed in the direction of other sites that will give you the goods. Beth is simply the nexus of communication among web workers for nonprofit use of Flickr. She’s made N-TEN’s Flickr Affinity Group (registration required) a real community of practice, and rounds up practically anything of interest that people are doing with Flickr."

Ian Wilker, rootslab blog

"Beth's Blog" is unique and fantastic. In all of our searching the world for the best blogs in a variety of countries and themes, I have yet to run across one that is as helpful and targeted and down-to-earth as yours. All the posts are very well-written, well-informed, intelligent, provocative, and yet still accessible for the layman and the ground-level volunteer or small nonprofit team. The range of subjects and the writing styles make what could be tough sledding very enjoyable reading.

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Photo by David Sasaki

"I have enjoyed my 'subscription' to your blog immensely. You're always trying new things and leading me into new areas to check out. Thanks!"
Sue Lister

TechSmith Newsletter: Spotlight on Beth Kanter, April, 2007

Presentation Reviews

"Beth Kanter may be one of the best presenters I've ever seen; she was also so giving of her time! She talked to anyone and everyone who approached her (including myself) and was funny, smart and engaging. I went to both her social media game workshop and her keynote (I almost never go to keynotes, that's how good she is)." Edtrix

"I attended a webinar where Beth was a presenter. Usually when I am on a webinar, I am doing several other things. Email, reading blogs, perhaps on chat. Seldom does something compel me to give it full attention.
Beth did something very interesting, which kept me focused. Cute puppies. She has noticed that a lot of her audience of non-profit techies post pictures of themselves with their dogs online. So she came up with the idea that pictures of dogs would capture their attention.
Now I don’t even think of myself as a non-profit techie, and I have three cats not dogs. She was talking about the use of technology and social networking. Yet, my focus was captured by wanting to see what creative dog picture she would use next. Even more interesting to me was I had actually already seen the slide deck, and still I wanted to see how she would weave together the social media story with the dogs."

Capturing Attention with Cute Dogs by Christine Martell

Screencast Reviews

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Photo by David Tames

"If for some crazy reason you don’t know who Beth is, you owe it to yourself to check out her amazing blog, where you’ll find not only some of the best screencasting on the planet, but also a great resource for anyone looking to put social media to use in the non-profit sector (and beyond)." Michael Pick

Nils Geylen

Beth’s recording - although it recounts anecdotes in the traditional sense (of some hitherto private fact being disclosed) - is one of the first that I’ve seen which uses the medium differently; in a narrative way. She recounts how she discovered and explored the technique, and how she set off on her frantic search to know everything about it. Her “how-to” becomes a story.

These are about the Google Analytics Screencast

"Beth did an amazing job on this! A really engaging mixture of conventional presentation style, documentary, and instructional
screencast elements." - Jon Udell

"It is wonderful. The thing like I loved about this screencast is that it is real, it is true UCG and has a human touch to it. I am sure people will learn a lot from it and be able start using the data for their websites." - Avinash Kaushik

You will get answers to all these and more in Beth Kanter's excellent video tutorial on web analytics software with main focus on Google Analytics. Other than learning about Analytics, this video gives you an idea about the usefulness of screencasts if they are properly scripted and produced right. - Amit Agarwal , Digital Inspiration

Beth created this great video of Google Analytics for your non-profit (and any other orginzation) she shows how to determine some of the most basic uses of the tool, and makes it easy and useful for anyone who wants to understand how users are using your site. Web Strategy by Jeremiah

If Google Analytics makes you go "huh?", blogger Beth Kanter screencasts a primer! - Lifehacker

Useful for anyone struggling to make sense out of Google Analytics - the download squad

Google has a step-by-step guide to teach how to use, but was on Beth's Blog where I found one of the best guide to beginners for Google Analytics. It's a great ScreenCast, great resource and a must to see video. Lucia Dias Ribero

"I just wanted to thank you for the excellent Google Analytics screencast. We just started using Google Analytics here at the 92nd Street Y and I passed a link to your screencast along as an introduction and it got rave reviews! I can’t believe I haven’t been a subscriber to your blog but that’s now fixed. We seem to be in the same space, bloggin’ up nonprofits – I created the 92nd Street Y’s blog ( a few years ago and it’s been nonstop nonprofit blog action ever since." Sean Flannagan Associated Web Director, 92nd Street Y

More about Beth's Screencasts

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