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March 15-16, 2013
Pepperdine University

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Networked Nonprofit
Measuring the Networked Nonprofit

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Understanding the Networked Nonprofit

Networked Mindset
Becoming a Networked Nonprofit by Beth Kanter - SSIR Blog
Nonprofit CEOs and the Networked Mindset by Beth Kanter
Organizational Culture Changes Issues by Beth Kanter
Integrating A Network Mindset Into Your Daily Work by Beth Kanter

Social Media Guidelines and Policy
Does Your Nonprofit Have Social Media Guidelines for All Employees by Beth Kanter
Trust is Cheaper than Control by Beth Kanter

Network Mapping
Networked Mapping Techniques
How Nonprofits Visualize their Networks by Beth Kanter

Additional Resources
Curated List of Social Media and Culture Change Issues by Beth Kanter

Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly Assessment

How To Take Baby Steps with Social Media
How Mature is Your Social Media Practice

Smarter Social Media

Social Media Is About Engagement with a Purpose

25 SMART Social Media Objectives
Here’s a summary of 25 SMART social media objectives from Leveraging Social Media project with arts organizations.

SMART Chart from Spitfire

A useful resource from Aspen Institute on developing SMART objectives. It says that SMART objectives can be tactical, revenue-oriented, and capacity (process or learning.)

Content Strategy

Editorial Calendar
Content and Measurement
Making Content Creation More Efficient
How To Easily Repurpose Your Content for Social Channels

Additional resources about content creation and curation

Mindful Social Media

Unintended Benefits of Content Curation: Reducing Information Overload
Tips To Help You Focus in An Age of Distraction

Information Coping Skills - Resource Collection

What's Your Calling?