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Social Media Game for Filmmakers

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Social Media Game for Filmmakers was remixed from David Wilcox. The original is here.

Resource List

Defining Web2.0, Key Themes, and Approaches to Adoption

The Machine is Us/ing Us by Michael Wesch
A music video that explains Web2.0 in less than 5 minutes and quickly became one of the most popular videos in the blogosphere with more than 70,000 views on YouTube. He leads the digital ethnography group at Kansas State University.

Placeholder: The themes that filmmakers pointed out

What is Web2.0? by Tim O'Reilly
The first and most influential concept paper on Web2.0. September, 2005

Weblogged-Ed - The Read/Write Classroom by Will Richardson
Covers the use of Web2.0 in education.

TechSoup's Complete Collection of Web2.0 for Nonprofits Articles

Full Circle Online Interaction Blog by Nancy White
Covers the adoption of Web2.0 tools and also writes about Technology Stewardship

Robin Good "Ten Ways to Promote Your Business With Social Media"
The Top Marketing Blogs to read

TubeMogul - Web Video Marketing: Best Practices


1. Blogs

Scoble Explains A Blog in 30 Seconds

Filmmaker Examples
Center for Independent Documentary
David Tames
Cockroach Productions

Comfort: Adoption Issues
9 Lessons for Would-Be Bloggers from Bokardo
How To Make Your Content Valuable to Readers by Dave Pollard

Capacity: The Art & Craft of Blogging
Nine Essential Types of Blog Posts from North East
The New ROI of Blogging by Charlene Li of Forrester Research

Getting Started with Blogging Software from Idealist
FreeVlog Screencast: How To Set Up Blogger Blog

Beth's Blog: Posts and Wiki Resources

2. Technorati

23 Things Blog: Things Not So Technorati
Beth's Blog Posts about Technorati

3. RSS

There are two types of Internet users, those that use RSS and those that don't. This video is for the people who could save time using RSS, but don't know where to start.

Make Your Organization More Effective Using RSS by Alexandra Samuel
Using RSS Effectively for Research by Nick Noakes

Feed Me: A gentle introduction to Internet feeds - a good tutorial from Palinet, a library cooperative
RSS Tutorial in Flickr
23 Steps: Make Life Simple With RSS
23 Steps: Finding and Subscribing to Feeds

A few RSS Readers:
Bloglines (10 Steps to Using Bloglines and YouTube Video Showing how to Add Feeds)

RSS for Aggregation and Publishing
Feedcycle (read Michele Martin's post)

4. Tagging and Social Bookmarking

Beth's Blog: Tagging Screencast
Beth's Tagging Wikispace

5. Flickr

Getting Started
Alan Levine's Flickr Tutorial in Flickr

Tutorials and Tips
Start Using Flickr in Five Minutes
Beth's Blog: Flickr and Nonprofits Roundup of Examples and Resources
Screencast: How To Use Flickr As Resource for Presentations
Ten Tips for Finding Photos in Flickr

Documentary Film Company Profile
Storyboard Example
Filmmaker Group

6. Video Sharing

Filmmaking 2.0 from Four Eyed Monsters
Open Source Cinema
Prepping and Posting Your Video to the Web by David Tames
How To Promote Your Video on YouTube
Video Editing 2.0: 8 Ways to Remix Videos Online

7. Wiki

Trailer for the Wikipedia documentary


The Ultimate Guide To Getting Your Organization In Wikipedia
Wiki Adoption Issues
Wikipedia Documentary
Beth's Blog on Wikis

Ken Burns Wikipedia Page
Muppets Wiki

8. Widgets

Beth's Blog Screencast: Widgets
Widget Fundraising Beth's Case Study: Personal Fundraising
Extensive Resources and Links
Dion Hinchcliffe's Web As Home Depot

9. Creative Commons, Copyright, and Fairuse

10. Mashup

Four-Eyed Monsters Screenings Map

America's Oral Histories: Route 66

More About MashUps
Netsquared Conference Mashup Panel
Presentation from Panel

11. Social Networking Sites

Getting Started
Katya's Five Minute Social Networking Guide

Danah Boyd
Beth's Blog: Lessons Learned from Nonprofits
Carnival of Nonprofit Consultants on Social Networking Tools

12. Twitter

Beth's Blog: Twitter and Nonprofits
Traveling Librarian: Twitter Primer

13. Second Life

Nonprofits and Second Life Wiki

Douglas Gayton
Joshua Levy (Better World Documentary)

Sundance in Second Life

Machinima in Second Life

More examples

Promotion with Spout