Crowdfunding strategy and best practices for beginners

Social media can be an incredibly valuable channel in your online fundraising strategy. But the crowds won’t come flocking and open their wallets on their own. NGOs have many questions about how to make best use of social media for crowdfunding with limited time and resources. When NGOs marry tried-and-true fundraising techniques with social media, crowdfunding is the result. The power of crowd funding is that it turns your stakeholders into fundraisers for your organisation. This workshop will help you design and execute a simple strategy to get more donors.

Learning outcomes:
• Develop a crowdfunding strategy that fits your capacity to implement, and best practices for engagement and content strategy.
• Understand the pros/cons of using different crowdfunding platforms in your strategy
• Learn time-saving techniques for engagement and content creation to boost online fundraising results

Who should attend:
Small and mid-size NGOs that are struggling to execute a practical online fundraising strategy that includes crowdfunding; communications and fundraising officers who want a simple way to design and execute a crowdfunding strategy to expand the number of individual donors



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